Radiation Shielding Swing Doors

Category: X-Ray Room Doors
ประตูป้องกันรังสี x-ray บานสวิง

09 June 2023

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Product characteristics

  • Lined with lead plate, lead content of 1-4mmPa lead plate optional W250* H350* R20 lined with lead glass black edge flat glass observation window. The other materials are the same as air-sealed single and double-opening flat doors.
  • The specification standard is the size in the table, and can also be determined by referring to the door height series.
  • The radiation protection lead equivalent is generally selected at 2mm.
  • The panel of the door body is painted with steel plate, and the color of the door body can be determined by the customer. The door is left-opening, and the right-opening door has the same structure as this door.





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