Ditec NRG

For counterweighted industrial sectional doors up to 140 Nm

24 February 2023

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 Ditec NRG



Ditec NGR is a range of three phase non-reversible automation systems for large industrial and commercial sectional doors weighing up to 650 Kg.

The automation system may be installed with drive transmitted directly onto the shaft of the door or via a transmission chain. 

Complete range 

  • three 100 Nm, one 90 Nm (phase-out) and one 140 Nm motors
  • available versions with 6-cam mechanical limit switches (opening, closing, safety limits and auxiliaries controls) or absolute encoder
  • emergency manual operation with hand chain or quick release mechanism

Powerful motor with absolute encoder

  • three-phase versions ensure increased gear motor starting torque 
  • thanks to the absolute encoder you can precisely adjust the top and the bottom limit positions from the electronic panel without the need to access the motor

Reduces the time needed to install new complete systems thanks to

  • Version with pre-assembled chain for emergency manual operation
  • Pre-cabled wirings between motor and electronic panel for connecting limit switches and power supply (ref. NRGCAB5)
  • Slotted bracket for a perfect installation
  • Ready to use control panel with pre-fitted 3P+N+PE industrial plug and push buttons
  • Control panels ready for connection to the latest generation of optical and 8.2kΩ resistive safety edges


  • Motors with pre-cabled hand chain: during the manual operation, the irreversible self-braking gear remains always inter-connected to the door. If a spring breaks, there will be no danger for a fall down
  • Motor with quick declutch: the emergency manouvre is quicker. The door and the self-braking gear are disconnected. The gear no longer sustains the door and it is required a spring safety brake

Typical installation

The automation system can be completed with Ditec command, control and safety devices






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