Inflatable dock shelters

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11 June 2019

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Inflatable dock shelters of DSHINF series, are installed in places where it is required a maximum effective sealing and thermal insulation of the premises (for example, at warehouses with controlled temperature). During loading and unloading operations the vehicle is not pressed against the dock, as other analogs. The inflatable cushion wrap the vehicle body from all sides and ensures a better sealing. The air bags are made of wear resistant material “Cordura” which is high tear resistant. During loading/unloading works the vehicle body partially enters into the dock shelter. The top and side airbags are inflated, providing high tightness between the vehicle body and the premises. Upon completion of works, the cushions deflate. Inflatable dock shelters can be operated from a control panel (by using a special control unit). When using this type of dock shelters, on the platform, in front of the dock must be installed wheels guide or metal bumpers. Installation is done using the overlaid method of installation.

Main advantages: 

  •  the airbags are produced from the wear-resistant material “Cordura”;

  •  elongated top cushion may be 1200 mm, destined to be used with different types of vehicles;

  •  inflatable dock shelters can be controlled using control panels.


1. Dock shelter body (two walls and roof)
2. Fan
3. Counter
4. Top cushion 
5. Side airbag
6. Shaft of the counterweight
7. Blocks of counterweight 
8. Curtain decorative

Dock Shelter of DSHF series, consists of a body, inflatable cushions, a fan and decorative curtains. The body is made of  ready panel walls and roof, with installed inflatable cushions. Separately, is installed a panel for the winding ropes top cushion and the counterweigh block. The material of the walls and roof — sandwich panels, 40 mm thick. Dock shelter is operated using a switch.

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