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11 June 2019

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Dock Shleters with non-collapsible structure of D.SH-RDseries, are designed for large cargo flow. The frame is made of sandwich panels wich are reinforced with aluminum profiles. The front clamping bar is made of powder-painted aluminum profiles. The front sheet material is sufficiently flexible and has a high wear and tear resistance. During the loading and unloading operations, the vehicle body partially enters into the dock shelter. The top and vertical side sheets wrap around the body, providing a seal between the vehicle and the warehouse. With this kind of dock shelters the installation of the guide wheel or metal bumpers is needed. Installation of dock shelter is made using the overhlaid method of installation.

Main advantages: 

  •  dock shelter topsheet can be either single or double — to provide a better contact with the vehicle body;

  •  white reflective stripes located in front of the vertical sheets, provide accurate vehicle parking;

  •  a durable and energy-efficient design.


1. Dock shelter body (2 walls + roof)
2. Upper front sheet
3. Side front sheet
4. The white reflective strip
5. Harness rubber

Dock Shelters of D.SH-RD series consist of a body made of aluminum profile with reinforced sandwich panels with a thickness of 40 mm. Front upper and side sheets are made of two layers of reinforced polyester PVC material. The top sheet has special cuts to provide a complete tight fit to the car body. The vertical front sheets come with white reflective stripes for easy car parking.

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