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11 June 2019

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Dock Shelter with collapsible aluminum frame of D.SH-RT series, is a classic option for use in areas with average traffic intensity. PVC material of which the front sheets are made, possesses elasticity, is wear resistant and high tear resistant. During the loading and unloading operations, the top and vertical side sheets fit the vehicle body providing the necessary tightness. In case of incorrect vehicle parking to the dock, the front frame folds, thanks to the struts and after the work is complete, returns automatically to its original position. The dock is installed using the overlaid method of installation.

Main advantages: 

  •  folding aluminum construction;

  •  the dock shelter topsheet can be either single or double — to provide better contact with the vehicle body;

  •  built-in springs allow the front folding frame to follow the vehicle body, preventing damage to the structure (in the case of incorrect vehicle parking);

  •  white reflective stripes located in front of the vertical sheets provide an accurate vehicle parking.


1. Upper front sheet
2. Side front sheet
3. Brace
4. Spring
5. Integral stocking with water flow system 
6. White reflective
7. Harness rubber

Dock Shelters of D.SH-RT series, consist of front and rear frames made of aluminum profiles which are connected to each other by braces. At the connection a cable is installed with a spring to provide the necessary elasticity of the structure. Front and upper side sheets are made of PVC and reinforced with two layers of polyester. The top sheet has special cuts for a tighter fit to the car body. Vertical front sheets have white reflective stripes, which ease the car parking. Side and top "sleeves" are made of a material which has a layer of synthetic reinforcement.

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