Mechanical dock leveler series MODL

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11 June 2019

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The mechanical dock leveler series MODL do not require power supply, it can be used in cases where there is no electricity and there is no possibility to install an electric leveler. The mechanical dock leveler is lifted manually by 2 persons, while the lip opens automatically. Then the leveler is lowered until it reaches the truck. After assembly, the lip is lowered, the leveler is lifted and returns to its original position. Istallation is performed using embedded or suspended methods of installation.

Main advantages: 

  •  availability of self-cleaning hinges between the leveler and lip;
  •  lip length is 400 mm;
  •  when working with truck that has a skew, the side tilt is possibile to 100 mm;
  •  due to yellow-black signal strip, one can see that the platform is above the level of the ramp;
  •  the surface of the platform is made of lentil sheet to provide a better adhesion of the forklift wheel;
  •  side airbags prevent the staff feet getting into the gap between the leveler and the pit during operation;
  •  locking mechanism (repair backup) provides a safe leveler maintenance and repair;
  •  lip support ensures a safe transverse movement on the leveler in closed position.



1. Platform cover
2. Lip 
3. Frame
4. Signal black and yellow stripes 
5. Platform balancing mechanism 
6. Lip opening mechanism 
7. Damping lip mechanism 
8. Side curtain airbags

Dock leveler surface is made of embossed steel sheet with thickness of 6 mm, where the embossing height is 0.6-1.8 mm, is designed for loading and unloading operations using a standard forklift. There might be a potential distortion of the platform, which does not affect leveler operation. The lip is made of embossed steel sheet of 12 mm thickness with embossing height of 1,2-3,6 mm. The longitudinal beams may be made of 100 mm or L-shaped profile with dimensions 140x40x4 mm, the frame — 100 mm.

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